Under this regulation privately owned properties that are 50,000 ft2 and above including commercial, multi-unit residential (with more than 10 units) and some industrial properties (such as warehouses and industrial condominiums) are required to report their building energy, water consumption and GHG emission data to Ministry of Energy on an annual basis as per the following schedule:

Property Size and Type Year of Reporting
≥250,000 ft2
(excluding multi-unit residential)
≥100,000 ft2
(including multi-unit residential)
≥50,000 ft2
(including multi-unit residential)

If you are a property owner and have to comply with the EWRB Regulation, Enbridge Gas can provide you with aggregated natural gas consumption data for your property only for the year you are required to report.

-Visit EWRB Regulation and Guidelines for more information.

-Visit Enbridge Gas Energy Programs to help you save energy and money.

-Visit Ontario Benchmarking Help Centre or call 1.866.280.4431 for free Portfolio Manager support.

- Visit the Ontario’s Central Form Repository to update your EWRB reporting lead contact information.

Submit your data request as soon as possible. Requests typically take about 4 weeks to process and will be fulfilled between March 1st and June 1st. Requests after June 1st may not be fulfilled by July 1st deadline. If you encounter issues in submission of the form, please send an email with details and your contact information to ewrbadmin@enbridge.com.

Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas have merged into one company, Enbridge Gas Inc. You can submit requests for both Enbridge Gas and Union Gas service areas here.

Before you start, you’ll need:

1. Account number OR meter number for at least one of the accounts of the property you own or manage. (If all gas accounts are owned by tenants, we recommend approaching at least one tenant to obtain this information. You will be able to get the meter number, from the physical meter. It is located at the front of the gas meter.)

2. EWRB Number provided by the Ministry of Energy for the Property.